Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Nanos are Coming!

Tata Motors to deliver 60,000 Nanos by July 2010

New Delhi: Country's largest auto maker Tata Motors will deliver up to 60,000 units of the Nano, which is touted as the world's cheapest car, by July next year while remaining committed to handing over the first one lakh (100,000) cars by 2010 once its mother plant in Sanand goes on stream.

He said the new plant in Sanand is likely to be ready by the end of this financial year. It would have an initial production capacity of 2.5 lakh (250,000) units per annum.

Editor's note: There has been criticism of Nano, simply because India's infrastructure is ill prepared for the infusion of hundreds of thousands of cars. The larger issue is global warming and the disagreement between Developed and Emerging Economies as to who shall make economic sacrifices on carbon emissions.

Balance of srticle: MSN News

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