Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's the Population

Editor's Note: According to the Population Reference Bureau, there are roughly 133 million births per year globally. Over 100 million of these babies are born in less developed countries. There are roughly 54 million deaths per year globally; hence the net gain of humanity is close to 80 million humans a year.

This means that every year a country the size of Germany is added to the mix, stressing world resources and competing for food, energy and a basic standard of living. The net gain in less developed countries is about 70 million humans. Can you imagine any scenario where these governments can possibly keep up with such growth?

The one missing feature in any discussion of sustainability, global warming, alternative energy, starvation, access to clean water, and land usage issues, is population control. Until we start to address the obvious, the 2 billion humans on earth who have next to nothing, will continue to have nothing - which apparently is fine as long as they are not in 'your' backyard.

Richard Wottrich

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