Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swedish King opens 2009 World Bioenergy Clean Vehicles and Fuels conference

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, patron of World Bioenergy opened this year's Bioenergy Clean Vehicles and Fuels conference in Stockholm on Wednesday.

The Swedish king is personally a great promoter of bioenergy in Sweden and he said that bioenergy will play a very important role in sustainable development in the world in his opening remarks.

Maud Olofsson, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and President of EU Energy Ministers Council said during the opening plenary session that to achieve 2 degree target in climate issue, bioenergy will play a leading role.

"Bioenergy is a good example of achieving sustainable energy supply, creating jobs and improve competitiveness as we are developing eco-efficient economy. We have no choice, we must take action now. And I ask you the business people to put pressure on politicians to come to an agreement in Copenhagen," said Olofsson.

Olofsson stressed that free and fair trade is a precondition for eco-efficient economy. She is against any kind of protectionism.

Matthew Barzun, US Ambassador to Sweden talked about new US bioenergy incentives. But he also warned clouds and bubbles in the industry.

"I came from the internet background and I still remember the 1997 and later on problems in the IT industry. Therefore, I like to make a cautious note that we should avoid the big cloud and think of the small solid steps to move forward." He gave a vivid description about his warning and proposed for a step by step and down to earth method in developing the bioenergy sector.

During the three conference various seminars relating to the biofuels and clean vehicles will be held. On Wednesday, topics from policy and renewable energy directive, Bio refineries, co-production of fuels, social economic drivers, criteria for sustainable biofuels to clean technology state of art and zero emissions of vehicles were presented and discussed.

Professor Liu Dehua from Qinghua University presented the world most advanced technology in biodiesel production in China. He has shown participants that by using enzymes numerous times, the cost of biodiesel can be substantially reduced so that the biodiesel price can be compatible with the normal diesel price. Resources such as water and energy can also be saved.

He said the state of art technology is now in application in Hunan province, central China.

Irene Bohn from Skåne, South Sweden presented how they deal with the household waste by co-producing biogas and bio-fertilizer.

In the afternoon, strategies and efforts for zero emission vehicles and financing and investment in green growth were discussed.

Toyota and many other car companies from about 50 countries also came to the conference and exhibition. They present their clean car technologies while bio-fuel companies mostly from Sweden participated in the conference.

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff from Germany said it is wrong to think transport and bioenergy as separate sectors, they should be considered together by the policy makers. He talked about hydrogen and fuel cells for transport in Germany which is leading in this sector in Europe.

By Xuefei Chen, People's Daily Online, Stockholm

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