Thursday, July 23, 2009

Global and China Wind Power Industry Report, 2008-2009

The world´s windpower installed capacity accumulated to 120,798MW in 2008, among which, the newly-added installed capacity was 27,051MW, a 36.2% Year on year rise (up 5.9 points against 2007). By region, the newly-added wind power installed capacity clusters are&in Europe, North America and Asia, and it was 8,884 MW in North America, accounting for 33% of global total.

Except Taiwan, China increased over 5,130 newly-added windpower generating sets in 2008, about 6,246MW installed capacity. China’s wind power generator manufacturers were mainly divided into domestic companies (including joint ventures) and foreign-funded companies. Sinovel enjoyed the largest market share, accounting for 22.5% in the total newly-added installed capacity, and 29.7% in the total installed capacity of domestic companies and joint ventures.

The double-fed wind turbine generator enjoyed a larger proportion in China’s wind power installed capacity in 2008, represented by Sinovel, Gamesa, and Vestas. Impacted by short supply of components, direct-driven wind turbine generator had a smaller market share, represented by Goldwind. As the output capacity of direct-driven wind turbine generators is rolled out, it is believed that direct-driven wind turbine generator will co-exist with double-fed wind turbine generator in China in next five years.

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