Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gotta Love the Hype!

Solar Sensations: A 'Car' That Will Change the Way You Think About Getting Around

Phones, Planes, Cars and More Harness Energy From the Sun

Imagine a world without steering wheels. Well it's not here yet, but the ATNMBL is on its way.

Photo: Solar Sensations: Solar Technologies
(Courtesy Orange/Samsung/MIT SENSEable City Lab/Solar Impulse)

This futuristic electric car sports rooftopsolar panels that support the four motors underneath. But the ATNMBL isn't just "green;" it's intelligent. ATNMBL, which is still in development, will rely on GPS and sophisticated sensor systems to navigate infrastructure that is already in place.

The only problem is speed: normal drivers will dread getting stuck behind one of these. Because ATNMBL is being developed for simple travel, it won't travel very fast. As the vehicle's Web site says, "It's time to look at performance in a new way."

Aside from the advanced driving capabilities, the project will also sport a flat panel console, using mobile communication technology. The display will not only help navigate through traffic, but will also let passengers surf the Internet from the road.

Balance of article: ABC News

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