Wednesday, July 01, 2009

President Obama Wants One

The AirPod from MDI
THE President of the United States wants one, 56 countries are ready to build them, it has no steering wheel, no gearstick and runs purely on AIR. This is the funky new AirPod urban car which is taking the world by storm — and is now about to hit the UK.

It’s the brainchild of a firm called MDI of Luxembourg and France and has taken 14 YEARS to develop. The AirPod is powered by a small compressed air engine and two alternators and is the only vehicle in the world that can boast:

OVER 60 miles of travel for under £1 FOUR-seater car and yet half the size of a normal hatchback ZERO pollution, zero maintenance, and TIGHTER turning circle than length of vehicle.

I’ve just become the first UK motoring journalist to drive an AirPod at the MDI’s HQ in Nice.
It’s actually smaller than a Smart Fortwo yet is spacious inside — and is operated just by a joystick.

To refill the 175-litre compressed air carbon fibre bottle takes 1.2 minutes - and that will run the AirPod for 65 miles.

And best of all it is priced at just £3,000.
Balance of article: The Sun, subsidiary of News Corporation

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